My Daith piercing 

The last few months I have been warring with depression & anxiety rather strongly. This is something I’ve kept to myself get at the same time, wanted to voice. I’ve tried to write my feelings & get them to escape, but sometimes it’s not as easy as it would seem (in the making time parental wise department as well as emotionally) 

With arising issues with my medication, I began searching for easier to obtain alternatives. & I managed to stumble across a few articles expressing how body piercing used to be a form of pressure point healing. I’ve done research after research over this & managed to talk myself out of this idea only once. It began to resurface in my mind over and over so I began to hit researching again. Since my mom & daughter wanted a piercing as well, it was easy to urge myself back into this idea. We have previously had piercings done by Mundo & ink done by Spirit House (my mom had both piercing & ink at Spirit House) so naturally those were the options I allowed myself. Spirit House was unlike any other tattoo shop I’ve ever been to, not your average environment at all. I called Mundos but it didn’t settle right with me. This wasn’t just another hole in my head, this was me searching for an alternative that I was desperate to try. I checked out Spirit House web page & Facebook page and there it was, they had just got titanium retainers in for the Daith. Not to mention over 5,000 piercings under his belt, helping others left with debilitating issues & acknowledging specific placement required for this piercing. 

A few days later, we walk in & get called back, not only is this a serious matter for this man..the owner of the shop & Army Vet..but I LEARNED from this man!!! He validated everything I’ve read & more & it was more than I even hoped for. I watch him move my mother’s head around locating her specific spot & pressure point. Amazing watching him. Mom didn’t feel a thing. He was terrific with my freshman daughter, he really has that father love feel. My turn, he moved my head to find my spot & like my mother, he manipulated my pressure point. He could see my bodies response in my veins & it was a dramatic response as well. Yes, mine hurt, felt like it was cutting through my thick piled on layers of stress & anxiety, yet relief suddenly just like he said. My shoulders weren’t as tense & I felt relief. I cried, not due to the procedure, guess it was more of a release. Tears just flowed from my eyes. He stayed that that intense of a release isn’t as much a common sight. A sensitivite pressure point he called it. 

I can’t begin to try to get anyone to understand. My mom does, my piercer does, & my daughter knew how desperate I was to get more help. If you haven’t lived as a prisoner of severe depression, bad anxiety, then I don’t expect you to get it & that’s cool. & not many knew about me. I like to hide my issues & keep my private life hush hush, I even put on fronts in my own home. But when the build up of stress knocks you down for 2 days & you wade in this sinking sand with no energy to climb out or reach out, you know you need help. I obviously don’t call out for it, I find ways to help myself & I believe this way holds answers. Both mom & I feel lighter, calmer, we feel a change & it’s only been 1 day. 

After learning more at Spirit House, I wanted to find it written. This is a composite of my findings:

●There is preliminary qualitative evidence from patients that acupuncture can increase coping mechanisms as well as relieve migraine symptoms.

●Migraine is thought to begin as an electrical phenomenon in the cerebrum that then affects blood vessels, biochemistry, and causes neurogenic inflammation.
●Acupuncture can help in the treatment of migraine by:
▪Providing pain relief – by stimulating nerves located in muscles and other tissues, acupuncture leads to release of endorphins and other neurochumoral factors and changes the processing of pain in the brain and spinal cord.
▪Reducing inflammation – by promoting release of vascular and immunomodulatory factors.

▪Reducing the degree of cortical spreading depression.
▪Modulating extra-cranial and intra-cranial blood flow.
▪Affecting serotonin (5-hydroxytriptamine) levels in the brain.
< Serotonin impacts every part of your body, from your emotions to your motor skills. Serotonin is considered a natural mood stabilizer. It’s the chemical that helps with sleeping, eating, and digesting. 

Serotonin also helps:

▪reduce depression. ▪regulate anxiety ▪heal wounds. ▪stimulate nausea. ▪maintain bone health

Serotonin helps regulate your mood naturally. When your serotonin levels are normal, you feel:

▪happier. ▪  calmer. ▪more focused. ▪less anxious. ▪more emotionally stable>
●With an open mind these [migraine treatment] alternatives are capable of being the answer, and there is a new one on the market, which is simple, inexpensive, and doubles as a piece of jewelry. 

●Essentially it’s the same concept as acupuncture, the piercing hits a pressure point which then relieves the pressure in your head. 
●It works in the same way as acupuncture, targeting pressure points on the body’s surface to ease discomfort
●Some patients who are uncomfortable with medical treatments or unresponsive to these treatments may consider trying acupuncture. Many headache specialists view acupuncture as a “can’t hurt, might help” therapy. There is no clear evidence that it works. There is also no clear evidence that it doesn’t.
Natural serotonin boosters:
▪Exposure to bright light: Sunshine or light therapy are commonly recommended remedies for treating seasonal depression.
▪Exercise: Regular exercise can have mood-boosting effects.

[*2 things I thrive from*]

(Not very visible. Then again that’s not my purpose for it) 

The Daith piercing is a general location for all of the below pictures. A nice article is found in


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