How have you lived life thus far?  Up til now, what would friends, family, acquaintances, & strangers speak about you?  Have you ever wondered what kind of path you pave for others (especially your children), if you live what you preach, or abide by the “Golden Rule”?

3 deaths & funerals in an 8 month span of time has been the story for my home. Facing death as a spectator, a loved one, a family member is an act that can ring one dry. Questions are presented, resentments arise, division & truth rush in the small cracks of any doubt that exists. Power shows the raw self in all its glory. If you want to know the realness of a person, wait til someone close or dear passes. Steer clear of vultures & give them no handle in your emotions or they will pick your bones clean. So many life lessons can be taught & learnt in one of lifes most bittersweet acts. 

At the end, when you are spoken about to the gathering congregation, what do you think would be said upon reflection of your life? Will they have to exaggerate on areas in order to milk any dignity or integrity of your life sum? Will there be 2 sided stories or misrepresentation of how you truly were? Or will peices of people’s hearts have a small void at the loss of your earthly body?

The last 3 funerals we have attended have had stories from all spectrums. Some truth over saw one, yet selfish ambitions surfaced during this process. False stories over glorified another beyond familiar recognition, along with some of the same selfish mannerisms as previous. But the next one stood out & made me think. 

I listened to stories of my husband’s grandma. Seeing responses of others, it was easy enough to understand them as true retells of her personality, her heart, her reputation & everything she was. Everyone was in agreement to the recap of this woman’s life, every story was consistent with the other. This woman lived a true life of Love for the Lord  & a love for people. Chasing her love of the Lord in church & hymns & daily living, this woman inspired me even in death. 

Then I began to wonder, what will people say when my time ends? Will I carry myself well enough in front of my children to show them strength to persevere no matter what comes, or the power of Love that cures all wounds?  Will I have taught them that it’s the simple things in life that mean the most, that money can’t buy happiness & material possessions rot away?

I want to live a life that reflects beauty. A life that pulls perspective change out of people, one that helps to gain new visions of how reality is preseved. I want to show others how the simple things are really what makes life. To see the majestic beauty in a passing butterfly, a landing ladybug, the whisper of the wind, to posses the ability to look up, down, around & with out a doubt see God’s marvelous work, to see His Grace all around. I hope I portray the speechless love that is in a garden, how life can be made or broken with the powerful finger tips of self. To lay example how soft & kind words can sprout a seed planted deep in the dark & usher it to its glory & purpose that God made it for. I pray that when the day comes & they seek my presence that they immediately know that they will find me in the nature creations of God.  

Pick up any cherry drink & sit by the shore as you stare off into the never ending horizon of the miraculous body of water that stays in the boundary God tells it to… breath in the serenity of its views. Lay on a lush grass filled ground on a sunny dry day & soak the sun, listen to Jesus music or just be… such peace in simplicity.  Pass a smile, a compliment &/or a blessing on to another…there’s much satisfaction in being the change.  Gladly offer your time & self to others, lend a hand or a shoulder, but humble yourself & give of what you are able & even stretch that a bit further, for everything belongs to God. He sees you & your heart but do these things joyfully. There is immense pleasure in acts of selflessness. 

Find God in all you do. 

Don’t take even the smallest things for granted, nothing is guaranteed so don’t allow it to slip through your hands unappreciated. Know the value things hold but know that material things don’t possess more value than things of the heart & soul. Seek God & your identity in Him, seek your worth in His view. Please, above all else, don’t let this world harden you or cause a detour, the most magnificent part of your life is having a true relationship with our Father God. Drop religion & open the Bible, talk to Him from every depth of your soul, be real..he knows all & can’t be fooled anyway. God desires a relationship with you. You are His creation, I encourage you to be born again as His child. Seek & love Him with childlike faith & love. Seeking Him in all you do will forever promise we will meet again & you will never be alone. Jesus will never leave you not matter what you feel about the matter, He is always always there. Submit to God, walk in His will, in this you will do mighty things. Listen to old hymns & you will hear my roots & my heart. 

Always remember, God is the most important part of life…always. 

I pray that I am able to be a beckon of light & inspiration for people, properly  embodying strength & grace. I know my children & family will see my worst, but in my worst I hope they see more perseverance, more reaching deep within to keep walking through storms, troubles, & trials. That God in me shines as the pillar He is that keeps me upright & living life with joy & peace. 

This is my wish & prayer for all who know me & will come into my life in the times to come. Therefore, though I’m sure there will be backsliding & stumbles, I chose to strive to leave my very own legacy. One that rocks multitudes. 


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