Really Forgiven?

Have you truly really forgiven the people that have crossed your life’s path & shaken you in 1 way or another?  Can you imagine Jesus Christ nailed to a tree, freshly beaten to an unrecognizable pulp, during it all being spit on, mocked, & ridiculed?  Now can you picture him up there, hanging on to His life, fulfilling prophecy, & FORGIVING EVERYONE!!!! “Forgive then for they know not what that do.”

Jesus, sinless, perfect in all ways, God in the flesh, Savior of the world, came to experience life as we see & feel it. He came down, experienced every temptation, lived a life of a servant knowing His father was the creator of the world. Yet He was humble, average, not wealthy by any financial means. This man lived an honest life, loved all & served all, doing no wrong. Yet He was flogged & crucified in the middle of public view when the city was filled with travelers. Everything stripped from Him. Yet He forgave!!!!

I want that power. I want to forgive any & all inequities cast in my life. 

As I lay here & my house is asleep, I find myself praying for a certain person close to me. Praying for protection of mind & heart. I shift my prayers, with difficulty, to the offender & cause behind this turmoil. Then I realize, I am holding on to years of past afflictions. Forgiving someone I haven’t seen in a decade held its hang ups, but eventually I did. Though if they ever appeared…id need God himself to manifest quickly. But to forgive someone that surfaces often, that’s a hard dose to take. Talk about horse pill times 10. 

I know to let go of this will free a lot of weight off my shoulders that I’m not intended to carry. To let this go is to show God that I trust HIM enough to lay this down to His sovereign power. He knows the big picture. He knows His plans & how everything plays out. So why do I insist on keeping this for myself? Haven’t I learned that I suck at taking control of things? Look back at the 10 yrs I’ve taken control of my life..where did it leave me but in a pit of ashes with nothing. Haven’t I understood that if I surrender it all to God that He will take everything I hand over to Him & make those ashes into something spectacular? Something I could never conjure up myself. 

I will learn now. Even if I have to remind myself every second. I WILL…I AM…changing my thinking. I am taking captive my thoughts. I will begin here. Aim small, miss small. Today I chose to hand my weakness to God. I shut this door forcing the devil to cease. He will no longer have a foothold on this. My God is almighty. He listens to me, He loves  me, He knows more than me. I chose to trust Him. & from here, from a very hard issue for me, the one that can fire me up to being the aggressive person that once was…i will grow better & stronger & more Christ like. 

My life is better & a ton more peaceful in my soul when I’m channelled to the Prince of Peace. I’m love learning the attributes of God. I love learning & comprehending what & who I am in & through Christ. 

Go find yourself. Remember how important grace is…


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