The road that was paved along your way to the current placement has the power to do many things to the soul. It can make you, define you, break or shatter you,or become a foundation upon where you stand. 

God is the foundation of it ALL! We have the freedom & choice to build what ever type of shelter we wish, but we are not free of the consequences that result in our freedom to choose…no one is. We are ARE children of God & God remains the foundation of which life is built. Only, love by definition is a CHOICE, so God does not force anything on us, we must choose. We must choose to allow God to be the Master Carpenter that He is, in order to regain a shelter that doesn’t “hit rock bottom” every time the wind blows or Earth quakes. We have the ability to run a cycle such as this until we open any part of ourselves to The Spirit. Once we genuinely begin to seek, Grace shines more brightly & God rejoices with the highest of joy. 

God has the power of all powers. He works great in our weakness & most importantly…He is infamous for turning ashes to beauty. He can take the biggest mess & turn it into something so incredibly unfathomable that it will blow your mind. Any moment is no greater moment to allow The Great I AM to work. Your ashes may be ashes of ashes of ashes, but don’t dismay..the creator of the entire world, the one who knows every name of every star, who knows the presice numbers of hair you have…He can utter a simple word, breathe a small breath & It Is Done. 

If you chose this path, there is no promise to be easy or that you won’t have to try every single day. No, in fact this is a narrow path least traveled but it is a path that has it’s rewards, this is a journey that promises that you will never travel alone. Trials will still arise & “bad” days will still exist, there will be valleys & mountains, but as you learn to lean on The Heavenly Father & fervently seek Him, He will respond to you. Your entire  being will encompass peace, a peace that this world alone cannot give. 

Working through the struggles will be a day to day task. God is in the business of renewal. You must enter your “shack” & work through yourself. This pain is often referred to as growing pains. Sometimes the yuck will creep up & surprise you, but that is merely God cleaning the muck & grimey darkness to make room for His light. It is worth the process & a process it most definitely is. A constant process of various discoveries, continuous attention & deepening faith & so so much more. 

Life WITH Christ is full of endless possibilities. Life with Christ is beautiful. Rest assured that God IS tangible & very much real. Feel the wind on your skin, watch the butterfly flutter around, hear the birds sing. Heighten your senses, continuously seek The Lord & you WILL find Him & you WILL NOT be sorry for the time spent doing so. Allow God to help you, allow Him to LOVE you!!!! Discover your worth in Him & see yourself through His eyes. Rest assured that NOTHING you have gone through will go in vain & that The Heavenly Father knows the story of every tear…we are Highly Favored, Greatly Loved, & Incredibly Valued. 


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