The Shack 

Last night, the husband & I decided to make, what was supposed to be a dreary afternoon, into a different experience. We hit 2 movies, 1 after the other. We began with an action flick & ended with The Shack. 
Now, I don’t watch much TV, so short of seeing the trailer for the 1st time last night due to my husband pulling it up for me, all I knew is from our Pastor speaking of it & my friends speaking of loving it & declaring it’s a must see. I wasn’t quite sure what was totally in store, other than my spirit telling me that i needed to see this…even if it meant being in the absolute 1st row…which is what happened. 
Watching this movie had me hanging on to every scene. This movie covered so much of my inner turmoil of my soul that I found myself crying, ugly crying. Soul cleansing & yoke transferring. This seemingly became a pivotal point. 
Anyone can attempt to conjure up their own mental picture upon reading & even compose opinions based on personal experience. I’ve read stories of the Bible, ran through it once, & grew up religion. I’ve searched for a tangible God during a 3 year out of state stint, I’ve fought off & through opposing forces that wrestled with me & my attempts every minute. This dark force would later become my EX husband. I would breakthrough in a contemporary church & eventually find myself seeking relationship with Christ vs religion. All with my own jagged interpretation of what God was. This movie pulled so much clarity to my soul & even held answers I’ve buried years ago. 
From withholding effects of 3 years of rough physical, emotional, verbal, economical abuse…to fighting against “dark forces” to keep a functional home over my children’s heads & to provide life for them, not matter how minimal it was…to regularly battling inner & self battles to flow with the now life….I’d say it’s safe to say I still hold a lot of flaws & issues & my own “shacks” that I need to come to healing terms with. So to visually see & hear all that this movie holds was an awakening & shaking all in one. Gratefully received. It was truth that I knew was truth from The Great I AM, but brought to an easier more comprehensible level. A real level, an “in your face” type of message. & I’m thankful. 
I’m grateful I listened to the urgency of my spirit. Nothing can heal better than God can. God spoke to me in every scene & He will to everyone that watches. This is truth. This is real life. This is filled with messages & it has left my husband & myself in awe. When God enters a place, He rocks the house. But when God is received & understood in His actions…NOTHING will ever be the same. 


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